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College of Hospitality Management and Tourism provides a degree program that hones the knowledge, skills and attitude of the students who would like to be part of the Hotel, Restaurant, Cruise Line and Tourism Industry.  The book symbolizes the knowledge that will be gained by the students in their 4-year stay in the College to prepare them for the battlefield of the industry;  the chef’s toque and compass symbolizes the two courses offered by the College, HRM and Tourism; and the globe with airplane flying represents the global competitiveness of the students after their stay in the College.  The star which also resembles like cross represents the attitude and values that will bind everything together the knowledge and skills to achieve the desired career plans of the students.  Deeply rooted in the DYCIan ideals - caritas, sapientia, and veritas - the College believes that the students will be able to conquer the world.

The College color blends blue and yellow.  Yellow symbolizes the promise of a positive future for our students while blue symbolizes our commitment to service to help the students become competitive and competent industry leaders of tomorrow.


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To be an esteemed private institution in the region dedicated to foster high class and affordable hospitality and tourism education.


To provide access to higher education through academic rigor and integrity, professional training and caring approach.


>>> CHMT’s Academic Employees as Legitimate Members of COHREP
By Adrian Michael F. Loya

The Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP), the first and a 20-year-old national organization conducted Mid-Year Seminars and General Membership Meeting last October 25, 2011 at Treston International College, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Ms. Liza E. Magkasi, the Dean of CHMT, together with the academic employees; Ms. Josephine Honrado, Mr. Rainier Jeromie Flores, Ms. Dionna Mary delos Santos, Ms. Rowena Magcale and Mr. Adrian Michael Loya participated in the seminar as they professionally signed the membership forms that day. The special day for the Tourism and Hospitality Management Educators was also attended by delegates who came from different colleges and universities on a national scale. The seminar focused on the different strategies on the Developments of Hospitality and Tourism Curricula as national organizations delegates and CHED Technical Panel for Hospitality and Tourism gave talks.

The program started with the singing of the National Anthem led by Mr. Adrian Michael F. Loya from Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc., followed by the opening prayer by a faculty member of Treston International College. At exactly nine o’clock in the morning, it started with the topic “Developments in Hospitality and Tourism Curricula in Meeting Local, Regional and International Standards” presented by Dean Benjur Ong, the spokesperson of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). He talked about the curriculum as the backbone of the technical and professional programs may be viewed as a processing machine that determines the quantity and quality of the desired outputs.

In presenting minor revisions, deletion of courses and replacement of new courses with no added competencies nor additional units, except in cases where additional 3 courses are prescribed by CHED, PRC or Republic Acts, the proponent unit should be able to strongly explain and justify the purpose.

In major revisions, the guidelines for minor revisions shall likewise apply for major revisions which entail additional subjects, units or inclusion of new subjects that need additional competencies, equipment or laboratory facilities. Exceptions are the cases when courses are prescribed by CHED, PRC or R.A.’s based on national exigency.

The presentation was very educational when the participants started the open forum. The discussion has ended with very informative words by Mr. Ong.

The discussion was immediately followed by another issue opened by Mr. Merril Yu. His talk has focused on his theme; “The Making of Hotellier – the Ups, Downs and Staying On”, it was also a very interesting topic since another open forum was underway.

Mr. Merril Yu has had a successful career in the most-people-focused-business-in-the-world hotels. He has over 20 years of experience with the world’s finest award-winning and industry respected companies including Four Seasons Hotels, The Peninsula Group, MGM Mirage and SM Hotels & Entertainment. Recognized for his innovativeness in marketing, operations, business, and people development, Mr. Yu initiated and led customer-driven teams in the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and the Philippines. Credited to Mr. Merril Yu is the reputation that whenever and wherever he worked he has to establish a common standard of outstanding guest service.

Another topic was initiated by another exceptional delegate, Mr. Eugene T. Yap, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) President. His topic was persistent on the title; “A Recipe for Making Practicum Work for the Student and the Industry Partner”, and then again, another brain storming conversation started and lasted until lunch was served.

After lunch, another issue immediately took place as Engr. Ronaldo A. Liveta,     the CHED’s spokesperson stated their Strategic Directions in strengthening the local, regional and international      Practicum Training Program for Tourism and Hospitality Students, different opinions and suggestions hoisted when the Amendments to CMO No. 19 Series Of 2000 entitled; “General Guidelines In The Implementation Of The International Practicum Training Programs” ‘til it ended at 14:15H.

Not later than 14:20H, Mr. Jonathan S. Alcartado, Wilderness Empowerment Representative started the talk regarding his very attention-grabbing matter; Making Practicum Work for the Student and the industry partner in Malaysia. As a standard, an open forum was started again by the participants and finished at 15:45H.

CHMT Academic Employees inflates their understanding, expertise and outlook in improving the quality of education they are rendering to the students of DYCI as they ranked up into a national organization’s membership, a DYCIan’s pride.

>>> DYCI-CHMT Nets 2nd Runner-Up in AAHRMEI National Tilt
By Vonn Carlo Z. Elio and Adrian Michael F. Loya

Victory aloft!

Six DYCIans have landed on a victorious goal as they seized four awards in the National AAHRMEI Gourmet Skills Competition an Expo 2011, which hailed the College, a tyro in the event, as second runner- up.

Themed “Philippine Regional Cuisine: Prospects and Opportunities for International Market,” the event was held at San Sebastian College-Recoletos in  Manila on September 30, 2011 and was spear-headed by the Association of Administrators in Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institutions (AAHRMEI). An annual congregation of students taking hospitality management and tourism courses from its 600 active member schools, it also gathered expositions from its industry partners, student leader’s summit, and five competitions: Table Napkin Competition, Bar Tending Competition, Essay Writing Contest, Lutong Pinoy, Sangkap Pinoy Cooking Competition and the Search for Mr. and Ms. HRM Philippines 2011. Winners of each category were given trophies, medals, and certificates.

The program started at nine o’clock in the morning with the Cutting of Ribbon officiated by the representatives of Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim with the AAHRMEI Board Members. It was followed at 9:15 A.M. by the parade of School Banners lead by Mr. Mark David Adem of Trinity University of Asia subsequent to the invocation, singing of the Philippine National Anthem and welcome remarks conferred by Rev. Fr. Morillo, president of SSC- R. Fr. Morillo stressed the importance of skills innovation in order to survive in the hospitality industry. He also felicitated the event for being a medium in congregating educational institutions towards student skills development which is a relevant element for national progress.

A short message was also delivered by Dr. Catherine Q. Castañeda, Director IV of the Commission on Higher Education- NCR. The presentation of participants and the declaration of the start of the competition started at 10:00 A.M. led by Dr. Gloria Baken Wong- Sy, the AAHRMEI President. Competitions and similar events started simultaneously after the opening program.

DYCIan winners in the competition were; John Arvie Gumasing landed 4th place in the Bar Tending Competition; Morris James Lorenzo clutched 3rd place in the Table Napkin Competition; Rafael Araneta, Alouna Valmonte and Keycelyn Surio, as  reserved contestant held 3rd place in the Lutong Pinoy, Sangkap Pinoy Cooking Competition for their “Pinaupong Manok” and “Kalamay Lusong” entries; and Vonn Carlo Elio seized 1st place for Essay Writing category. In totality; 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals with 4 trophies garnered by the CHMT contenders.

On the other hand, Emmaerson Garcia and Joshua Almar Juniller represented the College in the HRM and Tourism Student Leader’s Summit.

Overall, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­University of Perpetual Help, Laguna, was hailed as the champion followed by Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela. Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. bagged the 2nd runner-up while Batangas State University got the 3rd runner-up.

>>> DYCIan Christening 2011
By Ernesto Santos, Jr. and Adrian Michael F. Loya

The second annual DYCIan Christening of the first year students of CHMT students was held last June 17, 2011 at Dr. Marciano D. Yanga Complex. DYCIan Christening became the CHMT’s tradition in welcoming freshmen students of the College. They are made aware of the different policies the college has. It was also the time in which they got acquainted with the faculty members, the staff, and even the organizations and facilities of DYCI.

The event started with an invocation led by Ms. Elaine Jacinto and followed by the singing of the National Anthem conducted by Mr. Gerald Elizalde. The Dean of the college, Ms. Ma. Eliza Margarita E. Magkasi, gave the welcome remarks and geared up the orientation by stressing the mission, vision and the policies of the college. She also initiated the introduction of the academic employees like; Ms. Rowena Magcale, HRM 1st Year and the Alliance of Tourism and Hospitality Management (ATHoM) Adviser, Ms. Josephine Honrado, HRM 2nd Year Adviser, Mr. Rainier Jeromie Flores, HRM 3rd Year Adviser and the Resident Chef together with Chefs; Ms. Grace Saludo and Ms. Cecille Felix, Ms. Dionna Mary delos Santos, HRM 4th Year Adviser and the Extension Services Representative and Mr. Adrian Michael Loya, the Tourism Adviser and the Tourism Coordinator of the college.

She also introduced the non-academic employees namely; Ms. Lorie Sarmiento,the Faculty relations Staff, Ms. Imelda Dionisio, the Students Relations Staff, Mr. Samuel Liodel Montero, the College Houseman and Ms. Thelma Gabata, the College Powdergirl. Afterwards Mrs. Rowena Magcale, the Adviser of the ATHoM introduced the organization and its officers and their responsibilities. Mr. Emmaerson Garcia, the President, Mr. Morris James Lorenzo, Vice-President, Ms. Luisa May Formoso, Secretary, Ms. Elaine Jacinto, the Auditor, and PROs are Mr. Gerald Elizalde and Ms. Leslie Tria.

An awesome flair tending presentation of Mr. Arvie Gumasing, CHMT’s pride in flair tending made the event more alive. A toast of mocktails was made in the last hour of the event that symbolizes a good start of the Academic Year 2011. The students were also given a tour within the vicinity, together with the other colleges, and departments of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc.  It started at the College of Education building and ended at the College of Hospitality Management and Tourism building.

The Christening ended by water sprinkling to the students, a sign that they are now certified and true DYCIans.

>>> The Hospitality Courseware Workshop at DYCI
By Angelica Gonzalvo and Adrian Michael F. Loya

MICROS-Fidelio Software Philippines with its OPERA Property Management Systems (PMS) is working together with the Philippine colleges and universities to make sure that future HRM graduates are prepared with the right technology skills set to compete in the world market. POS software allows the students to have a slight background to be equipped in the restaurant operations particularly when they happen to be a manager someday. It may also need to be integrated with property management software.

November 21-28, 2011 was a very momentous week for every graduating BSHRM students. It was an opportunity for them to know how the OASIS (POS) and Micros Opera function. The two are softwares that are being used by several fine dining restaurants and by local and international hotels. The seminar was entitled “Hospitality Courseware Workshop”. It was conducted by Mr. Walt Timothy Gonzales, Product Manager of Micros Opera of Data Science and Technology Corporation.
The first and second day of the workshop were for the OASIS system while the third and fourth days were for the MICROS Opera. The last day of the training was allotted for the role playing and application of all the learning. It was evaluated by Ms. Dionna Mary delos Santos, CHMT faculty member. Students who participated in the workshop were divided into two batches to accommodate the students properly. The first batch was held in the morning, the second batch at the afternoon.  The classes were conducted at the CME Computer Laboratory. Some students may find it hard, yet others take pleasure in every session. The result of the workshop stores a superb impact to each student.

>>> Seniors On their LASt Crossroads
By Emmaerson Garcia and Adrian Michael F. Loya

“Everything has its end... yet this is not the signal to stop but to move on and begin something new.”

BSHRM and BST Seniors had their long journey through their way in the College days. Now the last experience, learning and bonding had come. The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is a great experience and earned a competitive edge done by the Seniors of CHMT. It was held last November 9, 10, 13-17, 2011. The activity brought out camaraderie, effectiveness, and aggressive spirit of the CHMT Seniors to gain an edge in the Seafaring Industry. They learned there Four Modules of the Basic Safety Course: Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility and Elementary First- Aid. This course is headed by the partner industry, the Magsaysay Training Centre together with their best instructors.  At first the Seniors had been challenged to pass the practical and written examinations given after each session of each Module.

Other activities had been a success since all Seniors passed with flying colours in this course and A Big Salute to the Administration of the school, Magsaysay Training Centre and Instructors.

>>> CHMT Hosts 1st Flair Shakedown Battle 2010
By Ernesto Santos, Jr.

Soothing. Dan Wico do the ‘Forehead Stall’  during his exhibition held at DMDY Complex last October 19, 2010.

Held last October 19, 2010, the College of Hospitality Management and Tourism hosted the first flair tending and cocktail mixing competition participated  by different colleges and universities in Manila and Bulacan.

The event, dubbed “Flair Shakedown Battle 2010 was spearheaded by BS HRM Juniors under the pioneering supervision of Prof. Anne Cheryll Santos and Mr. Jericho Gomez, the former Officer– in– Charge of CHMT.

The event showcased the flair tending and cocktail mixing skills of the Juniors as well as their cooking and catering operations expertise as displayed in the buffet set– up prepared by the students. CHMT faculty members, staff and students from different schools witnessed the event.

Forty two (42) competing students from different schools were judged by the Flair Tending supremes Mr. Glenn Ingaran of DYCI, Mr. Francis  of TGI Friday’s and Mr. Jericho Gomez. Winners in the competition were: Jerwin Calayag of Bulacan State University, 3rd place; Dan Wico of the University of Manila, 2nd place; and Darwin Guzman from Immaculate Concepcion International. The event was also hosted by Mr. Eduardo Zamora, Flair Tending Champ, from the University of Regina Carmelli.

>>> CHMT Partners with Gloria Jean’s Coffee
By Vonn Carlo Elio and Emmaerson Garcia

For the good. Gloria Jean’s Coffee and Italliani’s Restaurant is the new training partner of CHMT. From left are Dean Ma. Eliza Margarita Magkasi,  Ms Alma Dayon, Dr. Elida D. Yanga,  and Mr. Raymond Landig.

In the pursuit of establishing stronger bonds and linkages with training establishments , the College of Hospitality Management and Tourism signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Gloria Jean’s Coffee– Robinson’s Galleria last January 18, 2010.

The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement was held at the Office of the Executive Vice President and was attended by EVP Dr. Elida D. Yanga, Dean Magkasi, Ms Alma P. Dayon, Italliani’s Sales and Marketing Manager who signed as one of the witnesses; and Mr. Raymond Landig, Gloria Jean’s– Galleria Store Manager.

Under the agreement, HRM students enrolled in Restaurant practicum can accomplish  the required hours at Gloria Jean’s Coffee.

For the next academic year, BS HRM and BS Tourism 4th year students will also have to take Basic Safety Training Course at the Magsaysay Training Center. It will be under Practicum 2. Negotiations with the said institution are being finalized. It will be a 60– hour training in Tanza, Cavite, where students will learn about the concepts of Personal Survival Techniques, Elementary First– Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.

Furthermore, an alliance with the Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) is on progress in addition to the aim of the College to provide the students with an array of  trainings and seminars. Practical tests shall be observed. Students can also apply for practicum at Travel People, the travel agency of Magsaysay, Incorporated and MIHCA.

>>> Juniors Hold ‘East Meets West’ Catering Special
By Ernesto Santos, Jr.

The preliminary examination of BSHRM 3rd year turned into a catering event showcasing the talents of juniors in cooking, food service, table setting and events management last December 16, 2010 at CHMT Function Hall. With the theme “East Meets West” the students showcased diverse classes of foods  of  Asian and Western countries.

Dishes such as Yang Chow, Egg Drop Soup, Szechuan Chicken, Mango Sushi, Mixed Greens with Asian Vinaigrette and Asian Beef Stew were featured in the Asian Cuisine while dishes like Polenta, Corn Chowder, Buffalo Chicken Wings with Cold Ranch, Stuffed roasted Pork loin with Rosemary Juice, Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce and Mango Praline Parfait were served in Western Cuisine.

The event was attended by the CHMT Faculty and Staff as well as EVP Dr. Elida D. Yanga. While the guests were enjoying their sumptuous lunch, they were serenaded by selected 3rd year singing sensations.   The event was both a success for the juniors and to their professor in Banquet and Catering Services Procedures, Chef Francis Valdellon.
>>> CHMT Joins SHARE Congress 2011
By Vonn Carlo Elio and Emmaerson Garcia

A total of 50 BS HRM and BS Tourism students attended the Society of Hotel and Restaurant Enthusiasts (SHARE) Congress at Hotel Stotsenberg, Clarkfield, Pampanga last January 31 to February 1, 2011.

The event created linkages between the students and the Industry, established a regional– based organization for Hotel and Restaurant Management students and instituted camaraderie among HRM and Hotel and Restaurant Services offering institutions. Speakers were Mr. Rommel Lopezbanos, founding chairman of Mastah, Mr. Bernard Soluta, a Hospitality educator and Mr. Lawrence Tan, Vice– President of LKY Resorts and Hotels. 

The event also served as the venue for the APRON competition 2011 that had included On– the- Spot Filipino Plated Dessert Freestyle, Cook Off Challenge, Tour Promotions and Packaging, Tour Guiding, Modern Cake Decoration, among others. 

>>> The Grateful One
By Angelica Gonzalvo

She could have secured her future lazing around in the office, steno typing, and become a remarkable secretary. But then, she was catapulted to a course that’s into hospitality. It’s neither because of fate nor a choice between now or never. It’s because it’s where she discovered her passions.

“All that I have now  and will be having in the future, I owe to our Almighty God.”
Clarisse Untalan, now on her Fourth Year, is one of the exceptional ones who have mingled in our midst.  She is very thankful she has chosen to take up her ‘second course’ here in DYCI. “It’s God’s plan why I am  here.  Simula kasi nung nag– aral ako dito sa DYCI, maraming opportunities ang dumating sa akin. I can say it’s here where  I turned into full bloom (smiles).” She used to take up Office Administration at the National Teacher’s College where, as she metaphorically narrates, she only attended her classes for three days and left to transfer here in DYCI. “I took up HRM because I want to be engaged in the industry that fits my personality best.

”The youngest child of Mr. Eduardo Untalan and Nenita Andres, Ambo, as her close friends and family fondly call her, grew to be a simple, wholesome and jolly person. She may not have established fame to the whole college, but we’ve assured ourselves that she’s worth the space of this newsletter.                                                 

Clarisse, being the two– time president of the Alliance of Tourism and Hospitality Management, is a dynamic leader who admits that the accomplishments of the student council  could  have never been realized without the people who shared with her the essence of unity and cooperation. She shares: “Kapag binibigyan ako ng responsibilidad, I feel very grateful. I just always keep in mind that I need to give my best shot and fulfill my vision not because I have the position instead a passion to work for it.”

Also, she may not have exercised the rituals of a total braniac, but she was still able to put her name in the Dean’s  List. Come this April, she hopes of finishing her course as Cum Laude. She also has a passion for writing. She was a recipient of Pres. Gloria Macapagal– Arroyo Journalism Award during her high school days. Since entering college, she has been actively writing articles for Chef d’ Oeuvres that paved the way for her be its current Editor-in– Chief.

“Simple lang ang pangarap ko, and that is to pay back the sacrifices of my parents and make them proud. I would also want to become an effective and efficient individual in the field of expertise I chose.”  She is known to everybody as a humble and God– fearing individual. She never fail to look back and cherish all the people behind her accomplishments.

“My strong faith to the Lord has proven that by trusting Him will bring you where He thinks you deserve to be. That’s why, whenever I need comfort, I utter: ’ whatever plans I have in my mind, I surrender it all to you. I will do the best I can but in the end, let Your will be done.’ Sa kanya  ko ipinagkakatiwala ang lahat. Alam kong hinding hindi Niya ako pababayaan. Of course, inspiration ko rin yung mga taong unang natutuwa sa bawat tagumpay ko, at unang nagpapalakas ng loob ko sa mga oras na nabibigo ako, and they are my loving family/. Like other people, I also have mentors and friends whom I cherish, and who are always there to cheer me up when I feel down.”

As she becomes a part of the real industry, she has nothing to say but gratitude. Not everyone may know her personally, but we stand proud having to know a person like Clarisse. Truly she is a unique lady and, again, worth of print space.

“I’m happy not because of the positions I’ve held but because of the trust that my mentors have given me, the camaraderie I’ve found with my co– officers and co– staffers. Mostly, I’m very much grateful because I fell closer to our Lord. My sincerest gratitude to all the staff, to Mrs. Marlita Villacote– Madera for helping me to enhance my writing skills and for her support from the start until now, to all my professors, and to DYCI family, maraming salamat po!

It is a lifetime achievement to be a part of this newsletter. To the next batch of Chef d’ Oeuvres, may all of you continue to write from your hearts and always be eager to strive for the best. Goodbye and God bless!



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