My Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you to Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc.

In your stay in the institution, embrace the responsibilities and nurture yourselves with the lessons shared by your mentors. I pray that each one of you will be molded into skillful and God-centered individuals – alumni that any institution could be proud of.

We, at DYCI, are very happy that you have chosen our institution to be your second home for the next few years of your lives as college students.

For you to be properly guided during your stay with us, we are providing you this DYCI College Student Handbook. This contains important information about our institution, its policies and services for you to be well-informed and properly guided.

It is our utmost desire to develop you into becoming competent, value-driven, and well-rounded professionals someday. We also want your stay at, DYCI to be memorable, productive, and meaningful. These will only be realized if we are going to have a collaborative effort. We expect you to study hard and we also expect you to read, understand, and abide by the provisions stated in this handbook for the promotion of self-discipline, harmony, peace, and cooperation in our institution.

We pray for your success and God bless you!





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