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Administration holds Pre-Strategic Planning

The 8th Pre- Strategic Planning, sponsored by the DYCI administration, was held on January 29-30, 2011 at Angels’ Hills Retreat House Information Center, Tagaytay City, with the participation of all the College Deans and Department Heads.

On the first day of the Pre-Strategic Planning, Dr. Edgar S. Yanga, QMR/VPAA, underscored the value of being on time; discussed point by point the current issues and short-term plans for the incoming academic year, and exhorted the participants in the planning session to showcase their expertise and to listen more.

The five-minute presentation of operational plans for the AY 2011-2012 of the college dean, head of each department and office followed. The focal points of the reports were programs and targets anchored on enhancing faculty pedagogical skills, improvement of students’ academic performance and their chances for employability. Reports likewise centered on acquisition of the state of the art equipment, research consciousness and promotion of environmental awareness.

Alumni Association President Eufrocinia dela Cruz emphasized in her talk the need to come up with more efficacious approaches to encourage active alumni participation in school projects and activities.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Students Council President who was with the planning session, sought the cooperation of the deans and the faculty to actualize the Street Dancing through active participation of their students. She also expressed her appreciation and thanks for the direct access afforded to students to communicate with the faculty and administration. Right after, the floor was given to Prof. Ferdinand Natividad who took charge of the SWOT analysis which would be incorporated in the Institutional Plan.
Prof. Enrique Joaquico, meanwhile, took charge of giving the gist of the report on Potential Problems which was culled from the submitted reports of the different colleges, departments, and offices.

The updated report on Job Clustering was shared by Prof. Lolita C. Roxas, HRD Director. The report was the offshoot of the gathering of the minds of the members of the Ad hoc Committee which was convened by the HRD.

The proposed Enrolment System was the next focal point for discussion followed by the report on the consolidated Calendar of Activities. The session was concluded by Prof. Michael S. Yanga, VPAS, who challenged the participants to get out of the box in pursuit of excellence in all school undertakings.

On the second day, the centerpiece of the session was revisiting the DYCI vision and mission. Right after, the participants were grouped following the instruction of incorporating the acronym SOFIA in the revised DYCI vision and mission. Each group presented and submitted what they came up with which shall be deliberated upon in the ACA meeting.
The participants, prior to the culmination of the session, had a chance to have a short dialogue with Prof. Yanga. Issues and concerns were aired and ironed out.





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